Body Camp

Anything goes! Every day will be something different. Come see what we've got in our bag of tricks!!

BOSU Strength

IN THE WEIGHT ROOM, this class will teach you how to use the cardio equipment, plate and cable machines, as well as proper form with the free weights.  You will be rotating back and forth between these exercises and core stability exercises using the BOSU balls.


An awesome full-body workout structured into a reverse pyramid; beginning with 12 exercises, we cycle through the same sequence taking one exercise away every round. All timed and within your own space, so no moving from station-to-station in this one. Become familiar with the movements and work within your limits. Let's PUMP it!

PUSH Bootcamp

Sick of boring cardio workouts? PUSH Bootcamp utilizes functional movements to improve core strength, cardiovascular stamina & flexibility! Workouts will range from intense cardio Tabata intervals, to creative muscle-toning exercises using dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, and bodyweight. Each class brings its own unique challenges as no two classes will ever be the same.


Let's get on our bikes!

  • Intervals - builds cardio...lots of hills with lots of recovery time.
  • Strength - builds muscles...let's climb to the top of that mountain.
  • Endurance - burns fat....steady pace to win the race.  

All set to great music of course! The beauty of indoor cycling is that no matter what level of fitness you are, you can tailor your workout to suit your fitness lev

Super Circuits

In this 30-45 minute class, you will work hard. This is a HIIT style workout where you complete multiple exercises in short, full-intensity intervals. This type of training maximizes your fitness and keeps you burning calories long after you leave the class.


A high-intensity interval class!  Rounds are 4 minutes long consisting of 20 second intervals of work followed by 10 seconds rest, back-and-forth at FULL exertion. Lots of cardio and weight training mixed together to keep your heart-rate fluctuating and metabolism BURNING!!!