Personal & Small Group Training

What can we do for you?

Personal Training offers a one-on-one private workout session with a certified fitness trainer. Your trainer will assist you in developing a comprehensive personal fitness program that is designed specifically for your goals and objectives. Whether you are just starting an exercise program or looking for some variety in your existing program, your Personal Trainer will help you reach your goals. You will also learn the different weight training and cardiovascular equipment and receive personal instruction on exercise technique. Personal Trainers offer in-depth education and motivation needed to guide you towards a lifetime of fitness.

Small Group Training

Small group training is available for groups of 2-4 people and presents the opportunity to receive personalized training at a reduced cost to each individual. Having workout partners is also a great way to stay motivated in the gym; keeping you accountable and giving you an extra support system for reaching your goals!

Program Design

For those individuals who are familiar with exercising but need a little direction, one of our trainers can design a program that will cater specifically to your goals and objectives to get you on your way. The program will consist of three weekly workouts which will be spread out over the course of a week in order to give your body time to recover.  

Nutrition & Wellness Consultation

A Nutrition & Wellness Consultation involves taking a broad look into what your current lifestyle is like and from there, determining areas that can be improved upon in order to assist you in reaching your fitness goals in a shorter time frame while also improving your overall health and wellness.


An orientation session is an included component of your fitness membership which is half an hour in duration and is free of charge. This orientation appointment gives you the opportunity to spend time with one of our trainers in order for you to familiarize yourself with the equipment and to have any questions or concerns answered prior to beginning your fitness program. This is an excellent time to let the trainer know what your goals and objectives are so they can point you in the right direction and ensure you’re comfortable with how to proceed. These orientation sessions are optional and are not a requirement. Should you be interested in taking advantage of this service, just ask our desk staff to schedule an appointment for you with one of our trainers and they will be happy to get you started on the right foot.

Measurements & Weigh-In

If at any time you would like to know what your current weight is or furthermore your body composition, please ask our desk staff to meet with one of our trainers and they will be able to assist you with this at no charge! It is a great idea to take note of your measurements at the start and throughout your fitness program as it allows for an easy way of monitoring your progress. Furthermore, by monitoring your measurements on a regular basis it allows you to determine when changes may need to be implemented in your program.

Success Stories

Seth Hellinga 

Since walking into On Edge Fitness, my fitness levels and athletic performances have never been the same. Stephen Norton recognized me training in the gym, noticed the aspects of my work out that I was doing well, and the areas that I need improvement and took me on as one of his training students.

Stephen has taken me from a basic knowledge of strength and fitness to being able to recognize what it takes to make it to another level. When Stephen started with me, my maximum squatting weight was 250 pounds and in a short 2 months I was squatting 320 pounds. Stephen can see potential and knows how to pull it out of both recreational and competitive athletes. Not only does he focus on the lifting, but there is a premium put on maintaining the body through healthy living, stretching, and activating the less popular muscle groups that are essential to high performance.

As a multi sport athlete, I look forward to continuing to work with Stephen, and would recommend Stephen, or any of the On Edge training staff to anyone looking to increase athletic performance and weight room ability.

Seth Hellinga 

Jaclyn & Mat Berube

It was leg day when Stephen told me he was going to train me, and that’s how we met.  Stephen ended up putting me through a gruelling leg work out that I loved (and hated).  That’s when I decided to sign up for twelve more sessions.  It was just what I needed.  My workouts before Stephen had grown kind of mundane and I felt like I had hit a plateau.  Stephen introduced me to Olympic style lifting which made me excited about going to the gym.  In the six months he’s been training me I gained more strength and packed on more muscle than I know I could have with my regular workouts.  I never would have thought I would be able to perform a 200lb. deadlift.

Stephen makes every workout fun and challenging. He is a great motivator for the days when I am just not feeling it.  Whatever your fitness goals are I’m confident that Stephen can help if you’re willing to put the hard work in.

- Jaclyn Berube

I had been working out pretty regularly at On Edge before Stephen approached me about training with him.  I didn’t really have a problem with my workouts but I was leaving some pretty critical exercises out of my routines simply because I wasn’t able to perform them properly.  One such exercise was the barbell squat.  I just couldn’t do one properly without hurting myself.  My form was just awful.  We decided to concentrate on squats, front and back, for the next six weeks.  After those first six weeks my form was near perfect.  Stephen taught me how to properly prepare and improve my mobility.  He pushed me during every workout to do more, and after about four months my personal best on the squat had increased almost three-fold.

I have no doubt that Stephen can help anyone achieve their strength and mobility goal if they truly work at it.

- Mat Berube