LIFT holds elite equipment including rogue bumper plates and bars, weightlifting platforms and jerk boxes, concept 2 rowers and ski ergs, assault bikes and so much more! The people are great, the energy is contagious and hard work is mandatory.

Our coaches are dedicated to functional fitness and hold Crossfit Level 1 and 2 trainer certificates.



Class Descriptions

LIFT. Fitness Class

This is no ordinary fitness class. Our strength and conditioning program is scalable for all levels of fitness. It incorporates HIIT, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and countless other disciplines. Our community of athletes train together every day to become stronger, faster and healthier.

Olympic WeightLIFTing

LIFT. Strength and Conditioning is excited to offer an olympic weightlifting class every week! This class is open to all athletes, new and experienced. Our team of qualified coaches will teach the basics of the sport and offer technical cues to ensure proper technique in every lift. If you are looking for a challenging and educational class, this class is for you.



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