CompuTrainer Indoor Cycling & Analysis

On-Edge Fitness is proudly offering the only service of its kind within 100km's of our location! CompuTrainer Indoor Cycling provides the most interactive indoor cycling experience yet created. By utilizing this service, you can increase your cycling power by 20-30% and overall speed by 2-4mph. Whatever your current level might be, we're confident we'll help you improve significantly with this service. Best of all, your first hour/class is completely free! Give us a call or stop by to make your appointment.

  • Cycling classes based on your power threshold
  • The ability to train at any time convenient to you
  • Free bike storage included with all packages
  • Lactate Balance Point Analysis (extra cost)
  • Feedback on your pedaling efficiency and style
  • Individual training plans (extra cost)
  • Real-time video of major triathlon events to keep your rides exciting
  • Specific rides of your planned event to properly prepare you
  • Private, separate room strictly for CompuTrainer participants

Highlights & Features


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