Richard C. (Dick) Felton

  • Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro)
  • Registered Sports Nutrition Advisor and Consultant (I.O.N.C.)
  • Certified Chi Running and Chi Walking Instructor
  • Certified Comp. Dev. Level Coach with Coaches Association of Ontario
  • Member of Ontario Association of Triathletes at community coach level
  • FaCT Canada Level 3 Tester for V02 and Lactate for enhanced training levels
  • Former Clinic Instructor with Running Room (all distances)


  • Ran 11 marathons including Boston x 2, Chicago and New York (3:41PB)
  • Walked 1 marathon at 5:32 to win 1st in age group (Judged event)
  • Around the bay 30k x 4 (3 times running, 1 time walking)
  • Ran 16 half marathons – 100th in Canada in Half Marathon April 2009 and 3rd in Ontario Age Group 60-69
  • Walked 6 Half Marathons – 1st Overall, 3rd Overall, plus 3 time age group winner
  • Cycled 8 x 1200km bike rides including Paris Brest Paris and London Edinburgh London
  • Competing in triathlons with the goal of doing a full Iron Man triathlon – someday!


Why Feet On Fire?

I have helped people change their direction in life from both an exercise and eating perspective, plus helped them attain their sport and life goals. My most recent coaching accomplishment includes 5 women who I coach walking, and all five placed in their age group (1 x 2nd place, and 1 x 3rd place in Detroit Marathon, 2 x 3rd place in Columbus Marathon, and 1 x 3rd place in Columbus Half Marathon. Exercise is one of the keys to mental and physical health. My coaching and involvement in Feet On Fire is my way of sharing my knowledge and passion with as many people as possible to allow them to run without injury and enjoy this sport. It also helps me stay motivated in my own running!

Stefania Barron

  • NCCP Level 11 and upgrading
  • Store Manager of the Running Room - 5yrs
  • Started my own Business - Feet on Fire
  • Coached numerous clinics
  • International Sports Sciences Association - Certified Fitness Trainer
  • St. John Ambulance - Level C CPR/AED
  • YMCA Bridge Race Co-ordinator


  • Completed NYC Marathon 
  • Completed Chicago Marathon
  • Boston Womens 10K
  • 8 + Half Marathon including coaching 10 ladies and bringing them to Rock n Roll Chicago Half with no injuries. Aug 20, 4 10milers, 3 30ks and adding a 4th
  • 10ks and 5ks which recently won 1st women overall in the 10k, and 1st in age group and 3rd in 5k age group
  • Plus have pace clients in their 1st 5k and 10k race

Why Feet on Fire?

April 2010 was the birth of FoF where I wanted to help grow athletes in their goals and dreams and on October 31st, 2011 with the collaboration of Dick Felton and our shared aspirations to continue the growth of our athletes to believe in themselves as we helped them to their next potential level.

Frances Scott

  • Certified Fitness Instructor
  • Medical Exercise Specialist
  • Spin Instructor

My name is Frances Scott and I have been in the fitness business for 20 years. I am a Certified Fitness Instructor and I teach everything from indoor spinning to group resistance classes. In September, 2012, I received my certification as a Medical Exercise Specialist. This enables me to provide a safe and progressive program for rehab clients. I also offer personal training for all who are interested in general well being or for specific goals.

Stephen Norton

  • Certified Fitness Instructor - I.S.S.A.
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor - Agatsu
  • Certified Level 1 Olympic Lifting Coach

I have always had a keen interest in fitness as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is no greater feeling than completing a physically intense workout and knowing that you pushed yourself harder than you thought possible. I really wanted to share this passion with others and be able to provide everyone with the environment and opportunity to experience the same extraordinary feeling. I strongly believe that fitness is not a destination, but rather a journey and you need to allow yourself to fully appreciate each experience and celebrate every personal victory. I provide all of my clients with a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that both encourages and drives each one of them to achieve his/her individual fitness goals. In addition to acquiring additional certification, I am also looking to further expand my business by developing several new On-Edge Fitness locations throughout southwestern Ontario.

Neil Cannon

  • Certified YOGA Instructor
  • Personal Training Specialist (CanFitPro)
  • Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (CanFitPro)
  • Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor (Toronto Kettlebell Academy)
  • TRX Instructor (Toronto Kettlebell Academy)
  • Level 1 Joint Movement and Mobility (Agatsu)
  • BodyART Level 1 and 2

I've been training from the age of 16 and I've been in love with it since. I enjoy and have participated in numerous training styles including kettlebells, boxing, muay thai, yoga and calisthenics. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to teach and train others in order to positively impact the health and lives of the community.

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